Recently, I was eating dinner my wife just served and she sat down with me after I ate about three bites. I stopped a little while for I started getting light headed and it felt like the room was closing in on me. I tried to disregard it for I had been attacked with sinus issues for a couple of days. But, then the feeling of life draining out of me escalated to where I needed to lay on the floor.

My wife cried out to me and started rebuking the attack of the enemy who we believe is trying to sift my life. I’d say it wasn’t three minutes while Carmen is praying over me that my phone rings. It was Theresa from The Solid Rock of Atlanta and she said she called to see how we were doing. Well, low and behold Pastors Van and Regina were with her and so my wife told them the situation. Pastor Van and everyone immediately started praying over me while I’m responding with agreement.

I was feeling so much better after they prayed and I’ve been doing great since. However, to be honest, I’ve stopped eating pork for it contributes to blood pressure problems. All in all though, it’s so awesome to have a spouse that truly believes in God and a church family that is there to help in the midst of the situation. It was to me a miracle to call us when they did. Thank you lord for my wife and The Solid Rock of Atlanta church Family.