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Andrew Wommack’s Impact on Our Lives and Ministry

We would like to invite you to our Sunday services with Andrew Wommack on April 3, 2016 at 8:00am. and 10:30am. We have been blessed to have Andrew minister at ‘The Solid Rock of Atlanta’ for 10 years now!

Andrew teaches the Gospel through the balance of Grace and Faith with an emphasis on God’s unconditional Love and the finished work of the cross of Christ. He has an understanding of the true nature of God and how Jesus’ fulfillment of the law produces grace. Through this teaching, one can find Jesus throughout the old testament. Andrew Wommack Ministries (AWMI) is a worldwide ministry including over forty Bible schools. Therefore, people around the world can learn about these life-changing truths and impact their local communities.

Hebrews 10:35 says, “Cast not away your confidence, which has great recompense of reward.” It became difficult for us to minister with confidence because we began to question what we believed doctrinally. We discovered Andrew Wommack’s ministry in September of 2003 and since then, our lives and ministry have never been the same. We’ve developed a true understanding of how to receive the unconditional love of God, and walk in confident expectation of signs, wonders, and miracles. As we continued to study the teachings offered by Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College, we gained a solid understanding of the unconditional love of God through the finished work of the cross, and the true nature of God!

We enjoy connecting in ministry with like-minded believers to build, edify and encourage each other throughout the body of Christ. Every time Andrew ministers at ‘The Solid Rock of Atlanta’, we see lives changed and experience ongoing relationships with people who visit our church on these particular Sundays. We do hope you will join us and plug into this vibrant community of believers.

If you happen to be in full-time ministry, we’d like to make you aware of a resource available to you. As part of Andrew Wommack’s Charis Bible College, we have developed the Continuing Education for Ministers Program. It was our desire for other ministers to experience this balance of grace and faith teaching. The Continuing Education for Ministers Program allows those in full-time ministry who meet certain requirements and have a desire to attend Charis Bible College (but don’t have the time to attend classes on a campus) to receive the training in a more flexible and condensed format. Please use this link to learn more:

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday April 3rd. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

~Pastors Van and Regina Smith

Van and Regina Smith (Senior Pastors) founded ‘The Solid Rock of Atlanta’ in March of 1998. The Vision the Lord impressed on their hearts is for ‘The Solid Rock of Atlanta’ to be “a Spirit-filled, multicultural church, where the love of Jesus breaks down mans’ walls of separation, including socio-economic, racial and denominational barriers while equipping the saints with the unconditional love of Christ, through the balance of grace and faith.” The Pastors are passionate about helping people open up the understanding of their hearts to the unconditional Love and Grace of God and helping them discover and walk in their destinies.