What makes TSRA church unique?

The Solid Rock of Atlanta is a Spirit-filled, multicultural church where the love of Jesus breaks down man’s walls of separation, including socio-economic, racial and denominational barriers as we emphasize God’s unconditional love with the balance of grace and faith. As such, TSRA is not just ‘another church’. It’s a place to DISCOVER, ENCOUNTER and REFLECT the tangible Love of God!

Why do people drive such long distances to attend TSRA?

At TSRA, not only do people encounter the unconditional love of God; but, they experience a warm and family-like atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and is free to participate. There are no ‘cliques’ at The Solid Rock of Atlanta. Each person is accepted and valued for who they are — unique and special. We don’t expect people to change to ‘fit in’, but we know their lives will be changed when they encounter the God who IS love!

As the church grows, how do you keep the loving, family atmosphere among the people?

Primarily through our Lighthouse Home Groups which meet every other week throughout Metro Atlanta and beyond.

Does TSRA have membership?

No, we don’t have membership. Everyone is considered a ‘family’ member. For those who make TSRA their church home, there are plenty of ways to plug in. We believe that people belong to the Lord, and He places them in the Body as He chooses.

How can I get involved in the church?

Please check with any greeter, usher or leader in the church and they can assist you. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call us, and we’ll be glad to help you!