Children's Ministry

Praying, Teaching, Guiding and Loving your children

Through the Eyes of a Child

Some people believe that it is hard to teach children about the Word of God and that children relate to Jesus like they do with an imaginary friend. The truth is that children can easily know God, talk to Him and grasp His Love — spontaneously putting it into practice because:
(1) children give love freely,
(2) children trust others,
(3) children easily forgive,
(4) children are not afraid of making mistakes,
(5) children think simply,
(6) children are honest,
(7) children crave for learning,
(8) children dream big!

As ‘The Solid Rock of Atlanta’ children’s ministry team, we pursue these ‘child-like’ qualities in our own lives and use them to impart the unconditional Love of God to each of these precious children.

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Sunday Service

10am EST