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Through Pastors Van and Regina’s agreement in prayer, Danny experienced a huge financial blessing!

Has your man-made religion made you virtually powerless? Mine did!!! I’m sure the story of my life is not much different than most of yours, unless you were born under the teaching of Grace and the finished works of the Cross. My family and I were trapped in the bondage of a denominational church all our lives not knowing how powerless we truly were. After stumbling upon teachings by such as Andrew Wommack, Creflo Dollar, Gary Keesee and Joseph Prince, I began to search for the truth. We came across the teaching of The Solid Rock of Atlanta church, which also taught about the finished works of the cross. Their teaching of the balance of grace and faith was a light upon a hill. Pastors Van and Regina Smith were very loving and welcomed us in. The Bible Studies of Javan Smith were really in-depth and what we needed.

If you need to get off the milk and onto the meat, just come to the Tuesday night Bible Studies with Javan Smith. One of his teachings, entitled “Christ Our Healing,” is the best teaching on healing that I have ever heard. We even keep a supply of Javan’s “Christ Our Healing” CDs by the check-out counter in our new store, Country Folks Superstore, in Cumming, Georgia, to give to customers who want one.

Van and Regina actually came to Country Folks Superstore and prayed for prosperity and blessed it. The next day, we had our largest single weekday sales, about three times the norm. Coincidence? Van and Regina even believed with us for a new restaurant that God has showed us there. They walked seven times around the building with us, praying in the Spirit, and anointing it much like the Children of Israel did at the Wall of Jericho. These Pastors fully believe and practice what they teach and are a blessing to all they meet. God bless you and all that you do for others. Your Brother in Christ, Danny.